Thursday, October 30, 2008

b.e.a.r.//s.x in lyon: epilogue

ha, what the fuck did i tell you??!? someone caught a bad one. can you imagine seeing some dude break dancing on his face on the concrete i.e. getting his ass beat or beating his own ass due to drinking too much and then coming around the corner and seeing this? that shit was shiny and new like "i will buy you a new car, perfect ..." check out the forensic photos, courtesy of agent wormstorm from CSI:Cape Town starring in a France crossover special, airing this fall on CBS.

i took that last one. here is a special bonus photo of gino making the face that i swear is in like 15 pictures from these past weeks. get your perv on, homey.

please don't be offended anyone that i am not answering my phone right now, i am not used to having to talk on the phone and have been leaving it places and neglecting it even more than usual. i also don't really feel like talking to anyone right now. i'm being hoe-ishly pouty. deal with me.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Leave Jon alone batches! Young still smells like smelly ass French cheeses! Let him air out! Let this bitch breathe! Young finds American girls corny now! Give him some space! You seen the blood puddle! Ease back!

greg said...