Tuesday, October 7, 2008

who cares what day? - homeys from home, homeys from here, more bathroom antics (PART 4)

so the band before us rocked as i said, now its time to get loose with it. or whatever. the idea is that i will be sitting on stage, in a chair, writing meticulously in a day planner until it is time for me to do a song. i am under the impression that these guys have WAY more surprises for the crowd beyond an American guest star.

let me also say that these dudes are the shit. i think i miss a lot of their humor via the language barrier, but my fav thing about them is that their symbol is the poodle. in a time when rappers are all hard as nails and everybody has a pit or a rot in their video or on their album cover, and then you got dudes like this, who rep for the working class but have the poodle as their symbol ... the most un-working class dog of them all ... i dunno, it's smart to me. their record has super a super rad layout that i would take pictures of but i am too lazy plus it would prob not look good on here anyways. i cannot vouch for their lyrics because i don't know what they are saying, but they had the crowd AMPED. and they earned it, too. here is a clip from pretty early in the set, still kinda warming up .... the dude with the paint on his clothes is the homey who brought me down .... dude with his pants tucked into his socks is from portugese stock would get mad pussy in carrboro (no homo) .... and dude who won't stop running seemed to only bring a sweater to put over his t shirt in the freezing cold mountains so i hope he did not get pneumonia. the dude is clearly in good shape because he ran like this the whole set .... (eventually he raps, but he does this for a while, and even after he starts to MC) .... the boards stacked in front of the DJ are for Danny Michigan who we will see more of soon ....


so i sit there and write all kinds of weird shit, notes to myself, things that i see or feel as i am sitting there, blah blah blah, then i do the MC People Magazine remix and it seems to go over great. here is another clip of the homeys, i think dude starts talking in english in the end because i am about to go on:


and now.

the moment you have all been waiting for .....


Anonymous said...

you bastard!!

Anonymous said...

we want the money shot.