Tuesday, December 15, 2009

red buick

old people driving cars is the worst but since one day i will be an old driver maybe i should be nice but hopefully by then we will have self-driving hovercrafts so i wont even have to worry about that shit.

anyways, i don't understand why these old mother fuckers in front of me were rolling the way they were .... driving SO SLOW (8 cars in a row back up behind them) and not turning on red at an empty intersection ... but not wearing seat belts and not using turn signals. kinda fucks up the theory of them driving slow to be safe. of course, they may have just forgot about the turn signals (cause usually when they turn them on they forget to turn them off) and maybe their sensitive rib cages and collar bones cant take the pressure of the shoulder belt.

here is a show you can go to if you live in chapel hill, NC:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

see thru

i wanted to do something to keep your eyes of that last lame post and make it seem like i actually do suff on here, and somehow the phrase "clear the air" came into my head which made me think of clear pepsi. let's reflect.

ahhh, van hagar. how about a taste test?

"i'm sweating, i love it, it's refreshing." great call! if you replace 'pepsi' with 'meth' it makes this a lot better. and speaking of clear:

wasn't that guy in AC/DC? he'z gonna get hiz azz kicked if he keepz talking like that. and speaking of azz:

cherry 7 up always had tight shit ....

so, did he, like, smile at all the ladies and then sit down with the plain girl? or was she on the same level as the other babes? i can't tell how they were trying to play that, i feel like she was supposed to be dull seeming (?) but the C7 made her hot. and then we realize at the end that her diet cherry 7 up is the yin to his regular cherry 7 up yang. and that's what love is all about. soft drinks. C7 has been re-introduced as an antioxidant-providing health soda. this is an actual line from the press release: "people want to fall in love with beverages" ... see what i mean?