Sunday, November 2, 2008

INTERLUDE: troika thugs

so, i was looking for ideas for my flier for the TROIKA MUSIC FESTIVAL, you know, this one:

and i did a google image search for "durham thugs" and was a little surprised to see this:

in the top left .... who remembers my group Pink Motor Monsters? now, i did have the word "thugs" in my photobucket URL, but still .... yesterday that picture was on the first page, right next to images that seemed more indicative of the search parameter ... who knew we were so rough? i guess some thuggery transpired in the last 24 hours to bump us over to the next slot, but considering we were the only people i recognized in any of the pictures .... ha.

hit the TROIKA link above to go to the website for all the details of the festival, there are a lot of great bands involved. i play on thursday at The Pinhook, a brand new venue!!! so come party with us. there are rad shows poppin all weekend so make sure you catch the wave.

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