Tuesday, October 7, 2008

who cares what day? - homeys from home, homeys from here, more bathroom antics (PART 5)

it's time to present to you ...

Danny Michigan - Strongest Man In The World

youtube gold? perhaps. my face looking like its sliding off my skull? definitely. and wait till you see the last clip in this post, to TRULY understand the power of a KNX show ......

i rap again at some point, Gittinz Hot .... it was great. people really respond here. even one member of the crew who i thought was a dick before and after the show came up to me and gave me mad love, as well as other show patrons. let me repeat that this was a very dreadlocked, mountain affair .... hence my comparison earlier to Boone, NC.

okay, y'all. LE GRAND FINALE. (i didn't include the clip featuring "a classic example of a drunk guy on stage" ... some french kid that looks like a younger Billy Sugarfix freakin all the dudes on stage and lookin overall crevved out .... but this should be enough to satisfy the curious speactator)

i didn't mingle too much outside of my group of friends, but i did talk to some people. french speaking that turned into "oh ... you are the American?" was common. i realized that people acting like they don't speak english here is bullshit, they just have to be drunk first (i had more than one person say that the drunker they got, the better their english was). of course, upon finding out that i was American i was blamed for the current financial crisis, and there was much prodding as to who i would vote for in the upcoming election back home.

there were times that i wanted to tell people i was Hungarian instead of American, but with the ridiculous Nicolas Sarkozy functioning as the "president" of France, i didn't think that would be much better. though, at various times throughout the nite, i was from Puerto Rico and Canada. people liked that.

now that the show is over i am downing whiskey and puffin as many bats as i can get my hands on. stay tuned for Part 6 ... Huevos Drunk In Le Country Club, the final installment of this latest saga.

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poodles, pot and potty cam P.O.V.s?