Wednesday, October 22, 2008

day bag - fuck it, it's time i put y'all up on some game ..... (PART 2)

so who knows what happens on "sleep day friday" but then gino and i go back to lyon via the train, the first one which we miss by one minute cause we went on a never-ending brew quest right before. on the subway to the club we entertain some star struck high school chicks with a 5 second beat box routine and the robot. we are heading back to see s.x perform in what turns out to be a super small bar with super diesel security. this group is the same MC from playdoe but with the never sqaure Mr. Markus Wormstorm on producto and drum machine fork bangin. get to know him. so, we all go eat at some italian spot, they stick us in the the corner, as they should, cause we are loud and say things like, "yeah, i'll fucks with one of those" when ordering drinks. pizzas the size of sundials get devoured. we dip back to the club, realizing the first signs of the insanity that is the streets of lyon as we are all almost run over by some Air Max/track suit/gel fade ma fuckas on scooters ....

seriously, there is, like, a swat team member workin the door, geared up with all type o shits clipped to his utility belt, fool is ready to electrocute someone ....

"punks jump up to get tazed down!! (get nothin but a zap)"

that's his song, dude, i heard it. things get even more exciting when my one name on the guestlist shows up with her BOYFRIEND .... but that one goes into the crev file. the fact that he looks just like me, though, has to be revealed ....

me: aw man, he looks just like me, look!!

homey: i don't see him ...

me: beard and glasses!

homey: i don't --- OH SHIT!!!

me: yeah dude!

homey: he got a small shirt on, too.

gah. the homeys kill it as exepcted, this clip is the only footage i took .... i like the strobe lite.

subtitle and i freestyle a ton after their set (at the request of some star struck fool totally on gino's dick) and then the homeys get ready to dip. s.x has to deal with some funny money business, which seems to be a regular thing for them thanks to all the bitch ass ma fuckas in the biz, but so does handling it, which they do. under the pretense that we are going to some dance club, we start following a group that includes the girl gino has affectionately dubbed "the mummy" and my mini-me that spoek refers to as "ginger" as in "ginger is going to get socked in the jaw in a second" .... but too much time posting in the hotel on the way leaves us on our own.

all i can really say about what happens next is this. lyon is fucking crazy. the streets are full of mobs of drunk ass people. there is more green broken glass crunching under our feet than i have ever seen. there are kids on city rental bikes just thrashing them about in the square. a drunk zombie kicking bottles that turns to follow us for a second and then decides better. there are four of us, so i feel pretty confident about brawl potentials, but we cross paths with groups of like 10 or 11 dudes, usually all looking like white supremacists, maybe just because they have short hair and we are strangers in a strange land. straight hooded up dudes lookin like Ghostface posted up in alleyways, just grillin. guys yelling at girls loudly. fools are drunk on these streets, like, people staggering with beers in their hands or bags full of beer. and then you will just see some grandma ride by on a bike. this is at, like, 5 in the morning.

2 of the illest things were right around the corner from each other. first we peep game down a side street and there is a dude flopping about, straight fishin out, right on the block, with a tough-lookin crowd around him. he is being stomped out and/or having a seizure. "let's go watch!" quickly turns into "uh, fuck that" and then we literally come up on "the murder scene" ... i hope markus hits me with some pictures of that because i was too sketched to even pull my camera out. right in the front of the opera house is a straight puddle of blood, like, not so much a solid pool, but like, the scene of a stabbing or something, just fresh blood everywhere. and a gang of blood soaked napkins strewn all over the place. drops and smears and maybe even some bloody footprints but i could be making that last one up. and then a crew of dudes all taking pictures with the gore (us). and a mundane as fuck looking couple 20 feet away having a nice peaceful hug session before one of them goes down to the subway.

and so it goes. walking through chaos, eating from kebab trucks with africans and bad american imports and wasted locals, sketching at bottles tossed from a window, feeling like we are in a straight zombie movie, and wrapping the festivities up at around 7 am.

then me and gino get lost but we get it together and then we are harassed like fuck by 3 hard head cops with bis ass guns at the train station and i hate it and fuck carrying my passport everywhere i go so i can lose that shit. i am TIRED AS FUCK as i make it home after 10 AM, hence the video from a few posts back of me whining.

kebab truck pimpin

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