Wednesday, October 15, 2008

day tripper

oh me? 202 and i are throwing paper planes out the window of our room in Geneva.

i'm drinkin a beer.

gino is sleeping.

it's noon.

i haven't forgot about this thing, but every day is more crev than the next, for serious, and it's hard to write. will be back with some stories when i can slow down long enough to focus.

in the meantime, watch this video of me and gino in Lyon, France (if you haven't already seen on my myspace ....)


greg said...

yo, you pimpin' Muska kicks dare?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to do some pull ups when between shows and partying - sharif

No never ever said...

Nice vid mayne..We're enjoying our time in sunny southern france. Don't look like I'll be making it your way. We're gettin mad busy and the clock is ticking- plus I hadn't heard fro you so I assume it's the same on your side. Holler if you come to London in the last few days of your Euro-quest. I'll be back there on the 24th. Enjoy your time homie. Make it count. much love-