Friday, November 21, 2008

fuck jennifer aniston, i have already moved on ....

to THE BADDEST BITCH. in case you didn't know, Trina still reigns supreme. my future wife has a filthy mouth, but what can i say? i love her.

Trina - Look Back At Me Feat. Killer Mike (Dirty Cut)

thank you alert reader Webb for putting me up on this ....

Friday, November 14, 2008

someone tell jennifer aniston i said "what it do?"

i been back for almost 3 weeks is it? maybe more. the days pretty much blend together because of what they say about idle hands i.e. the fact that i have not been working which means nights are free to party and days are free to stumble around and trip over sneakers and avoid the half un-packed suitcase in the middle of the floor and not drink enough water. so hooray for that, i like to have fun. i have also been very good at avoiding people which i do since i like to be alone so i have time to work on music aka smoke weed and watch cartoon network and CSI and cage fighting. i do have a song i am working on that i like ..... lessee, what else? those of you who are wondering if i tried to do a certain something, well duh, of course i did!! did it work? of course it didn't!! it was like talking to a hotter one of these:

but hey, now i'm free to dance and sing and all the other stuff that i was doing anyway as long as i'm on drugs. i'll be working again next week and there are some rad shows coming up so peep the myspace for all that info .... but damn, you guys love facebook, don't you? that is just weird to me, i have a hard time fuckin with it, there is always something awkward getting sent to me or too much information floating around about people and its like "dave took a shit" (5 minutes ago) .... fuck, i wasn't really wondering, but thanks. i guess i am just a creep or something for liking myspace better, tho the name "facebook" sounds like a porno to me. leave some comments about why facebook is good. or better. or whatever.

i am definitely saying "dude, in france ..." at the beginning of sentences way more than i wanted to, but fuck it, i talk about myself a lot so if you hang with me you are probably used to it and maybe halfway want to hear the story and halfway are thinking about why jennifer aniston is such a sad, sad soul. jen, i will marry you RIGHT NOW. ready to date? amen, sister, let's do this shit. fuck john mayer, it's time for some juan huevos.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

INTERLUDE 2: geneva thugs

here are 2 videos of the afternoon in geneva that me and 202 decided to get our buzz on early .....

INTERLUDE: troika thugs

so, i was looking for ideas for my flier for the TROIKA MUSIC FESTIVAL, you know, this one:

and i did a google image search for "durham thugs" and was a little surprised to see this:

in the top left .... who remembers my group Pink Motor Monsters? now, i did have the word "thugs" in my photobucket URL, but still .... yesterday that picture was on the first page, right next to images that seemed more indicative of the search parameter ... who knew we were so rough? i guess some thuggery transpired in the last 24 hours to bump us over to the next slot, but considering we were the only people i recognized in any of the pictures .... ha.

hit the TROIKA link above to go to the website for all the details of the festival, there are a lot of great bands involved. i play on thursday at The Pinhook, a brand new venue!!! so come party with us. there are rad shows poppin all weekend so make sure you catch the wave.