Monday, October 6, 2008

who cares what day? - homeys from home, homeys from here, more bathroom antics (PART 3)

a note to any venue owner/manager back home. you need to step your food game up. for serious. not only did all 3 bands get to hang in a NICELY stocked green room full of beer and food, but we also had a home-cooked meal to eat in a large conference room near the venue. with salad, wine, pate and bread, some potatoes au gratin type shit, and ice cream with pears and chocolate syrup. it was worth it just for that. maybe. by this point i am pretty wasted ... and i will continue this path for the rest of the nite. i wish my blog entry could get blurrier or something as i go along ...

the room we are in has all these circus-type toys. i will spare you the ton of video i took of all the silly excitement (?) that went down in there, but you have to imagine how surreal it is to be wasted out here and see things like this (at least for me, maybe i was just high) .... this is WAY harder than it looks.

there is LOTS of footage like this, my fav being DJ Ficus Deluxe getting ballet lessons from the bass player's wife, but that is at the end of, like, 5 minutes of ma fuckas balancing on the ball and shit .... so yeah.

here is the crew: one DJ, one light guy, one sound man, a bass player, a guitar player, and 3 MCs. and me. i will do 2 songs, spaced through-out their set. they also have with them "Danny Michigan - The Strongest Man In The World" .... who seems like a pretty normal guy until he starts to put his cowboy boots on and takes his shirt off .... no homo.

i guess this is just sharpie or something but it is a pretty good job. of a cock-cross taking a shit. more on him later.

anwyways, we are getting more and more crunked out, cigs and brew everywhere, the whiskey is coming out now .....

i go upstairs to catch my favorite new french band, Semtazone. they kill it. girl on flute/cello/xylophone thing .... singer who steps to a big ol saxaphone ... they got their own light set up which is really impressive. they played in brooklyn, once, and that's it for the US. i don't know if my blunt statement of "come to the States, homey. fuck wit ME." went over super-well, but we all seemed to get along.


i got what i asked for... said...

what? no sharpie cock tattoo for jwaves? step yo game up, son.

Anonymous said...

for reals j waves

get wit da Sharpie program