Sunday, October 12, 2008

day sumthin or other

i seriously feel like i can't even begin to describe the last few days without spending just as many days blogging about it .... typing and uploading video .... just trippin on the madness. we went to Lyon, France on thursday to play a show with PLAYDOE and debmaster, basically slept all of friday, and then went back to Lyon on saturday to hang with Sweat X for THEIR show. i'll try to put you up on game at some point, but you know what? i can't do this right now.

here's why:


Webby said...

trazy crippin! hwat a grate adv enuter you areon!@ conspicuacing a 45' broad singin alove ballad dn then mittn sooer cide.... luvin it...

just meditate about sittin at your kitchen table taken b's with me..or like imagine yourself alone in your house dancin to your favorite song!! like i always do.... luv ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

tighten up Juan, we dont want to hear this "Im tired" bullshit. Get to the meat, the damn meat!!

oh yeah, just purchased a small screen printing shop....ideas are flowing. Welcome back Juan tee's at your first show back. hit me with any ideas
holla holla and I agree with everything webb didnt say