Wednesday, October 8, 2008

INTERLUDE: the wackness and the sickness

me and the roommates went to the cinema the other nite.

we saw The Wackness, which believe it or not was not picked by me, though perhaps they tailored their choice to their american friend, i dunno.

let's see ....

it takes place in the mid 90's. it's about a white teenager who listens to hip hop all day, sells weed, and and can't get it up with the girl of his dreams.

so all i wanna know now is: who the fuck told? cause SOMEONE owes me some fuckin money. for serious. it was like watching my life story. i mean, except for the parents being broke and fighting part, but every story needs a little embellishment. i don't really suggest this movie to anyone who DOESN'T have a strong foundation in 90's hip hop or drug dealing or being scared of hot chicks, but maybe it is worth it to see Gandhi take bong rips. maybe.

also, today i am sick, which sucks. i am bored and it is raining. i can't eat any cheese because i don't want my nose to run any more, and i am trying to stay away from coffee and just drink water, which is also boring as fuck. we got a show tomorrow so i need to take it easy, but i have been sitting in a chair for, like, 6 hours now ... occasionally i get up to eat a piece of bread or a piece of bread with something smooshed onto it.

and i wonder why i spend so much time writing on this goddamn thing and i still get emails that say "hey, what you been up to?" do me a favor if you read this .... tell anyone else that might know me that they should, too. or send them the link. help out a sick man who doesn't have any of the creature comforts of home like a Whole Foods right up the street or the option to masturbate in any room of the house at any time of day or high grade tree and a one hitter to take the edge off.

here is the current list of shows i will be performing at, whether just kickin a free or doing a whole set ... other performers are listed on my myspace page.

have a glorious day, my friends.


greg said...

it was me dude.

i leaked it.


i'll make it up to you when you get back to the states.

Mild Davis said...

speaking of ben kingsley. you see this shit? sexy beast indeed.

mandey said...

hey. what you been up to?

oh wait.

i was kiddin.

oh p.s.: can i be one of your wives? you can tell the coat check you have a whole nother group of 'em in a-mer-ee-ka.