Monday, October 6, 2008

who cares what day? - homeys from home, homeys from here, more bathroom antics (PART 1)

l to r: kaze, j waves, young fluent

first and foremost, let me say .... seeing these dudes was the best. kaze has been my homey forever, and flu has been rappin around CH as long as me. we don't know each other as well as me and kaze, but we left tight like pliers. i was not able to catch their set (on tour with el da sensei right now) even though the venue was literally next to where i stay. but kaze did some freestylin at the end that i DID catch, and i give it up to him for not cheating out here (which is easy to do since even people who DO speak english can't usually catch the words when they are coming that fast, you can pretty much say whatever you want) he spit a dope free .... also, it was funny when i yelled out kaze's real name and him and el both tripped, and el was like, "damn, someone knows your government name!" this was before kaze knew for sure that i was there. also, i wouldn't have even known this show was poppin off had i not seen kaze's name on a flier around town .... here is your shout-out, y'all.

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