Monday, January 5, 2009

breakfast burritos

okay okay okay i am inspired to get back on the blog mission here since homeys that were not quite as active as late on theirs seem to be getting on it. i am particularly inspired by my man gino getting back in the blog game, because he is one of the people i always talked to about it, like "shit is too crazy, how can i write about everything?" ....... but it seems like he is getting ready to hit y'all via the tech-know blog so make sure you check that out.

as for me? lawdy. grind city. sick town. babe land. last one maybe in my head. just cause i am talking to girls all the time does not make me a mack, i am more of a shoulder to cry on than a d**k to ride but at least i don't hang out with dudes all the time. i was lucky enough to have a very nice lady by my side as i experienced the worst stomach flu EVER, a week that i would like to think of as my own version of Love In The Time Of Cholera even tho i have no idea what that is about, i didn't even read the link i just set up, i am just assuming it about people being romantic while someone has diarrhea. my experience was more of the "absolutley insane violent futuristic vomiting" type tho my ass did leak some as to be expected. highlights of my experience include throwing up neon-yellow mucous/stomach bile on my hands and knees on mulch pile in a hotel parking lot and spending 3-4 hours in the ER on christmas eve. (the ghost of Anthony Edwards was there, i told him to get the fuck out of here) ...... seriously, throwing up made me feel like this guy ... replace old man with a toilet and the alley with pink tile and this is a pretty accurate depiction of what it was like.

(stop clicking it, it doesn't do anything)

anyways, said lady was very sweet and managed to stay by my side through it all even though we had only really hung out twice before it all began ... i will respect her privacy by not setting up a link to her myspace page as i would usually do, but just let me tell y'all that she was/is an angel, because anyone who would go out with someone for the first time on a friday and then take them to the hospital and stick their dick in a bottle so they can pee on the following wednesday is a pretty rad person. amen.

but one good thing did come out of christmas - my video for "mary christmas"

filmed and edited entirely in one day. don't ask me why i am finally posting this a week into january ....

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greg said...

dude, more videos. that was awesome.

but where's G Money?