Tuesday, December 16, 2008

piss and moan AND download my CHRISTMAS SONG!!!

k, so not really been doing the blog lately i guess the honeymoon is over or whatever, it wasn't just supposed to be a france biopic blog turned another avenue to promote shows yeah yeah but here goes blogtown yeah. the last show was hella fun, i signed some autographs for some young dudes as i was getting into a car with some pretty girls, that was cool i guess, i was out of breath like half the show from either too much smoking or just going for it, prob more of the second but the other one too. there is footage of it on youtube, but its kinda silly, you can find it if you wanna, you know how, if you don't, you prob don't read blogs. i'm back to working full time on top of my constant hustle so i am totally drained, except for when i need to party or something, then i'm cool, prob should take more showers i guess, i cut my beard off so now i have to shave again which means more showers maybe cause i like to shave in the shower, or at least as much of my face as i can, its harder when i have weird sideburns or something but now its pretty much just a mustache so i can get a lot of it done, those mirrors that you can supposedly shave with in the shower always get all fucked up and you can't see nathan but fog. i filmed myself shaving my beard off but i need to edit it into some kind of condensed video cause its prob pretty boring the way it is now, i mean, i talk and stuff, but not really funny anecdotes like i had intended but more like narration, like "trimmin the ol' neck" or sumthin, maybe i don't say that, i can't remember.

also ......

i made a christmas song, kind of by accident, but its called "mary christmas" and you can download it from this link right --------> here.

huevos out.


Kristin said...

Thanks for the song : )

Nah_naw_not_me_couldn't be_me said...

Dude, you're the Ric Ocasek of rap. quote me on that- shits kinda catchy..

Hopefully I'll get some holleration on over the holidays. Wish I could be with yall..Peace to your folks, & extended CH fam.

greg said...

chicks and sharpies.