Wednesday, January 14, 2009

dreams // jay-z

if you know me (read: well) then you would know that i am plagued by dreams featuring celebrities. perhaps this is from growing up in hollywood and reading so much people magazine that it was featured in the title of my first album ..... yeah, that's probably it. there have been such classics as snorting coke in a hotel room with alec baldwin (that we were being held prisoner in) and the one where i was having dinner with a group of people that for some reason included courtney cox and anthony hopkins. i have had sex dreams featuring myself and actual porn stars, and i have been james bond in a dream before. i am a nerd. anyways, last nite i dreamed that i was dating (and riding around in a vehicle with, she drove) britney spears (she looks good, tho!! like she does in this video, but i had never seen that until right now) and we are making out here and there and i got my hand on her thigh in the car (truck?) and then later we are hooking up and she is giving me a hand job and i wake up to my clock radio ... russ parr as usual on K97.5 ......

things were just getting good but there was some weird dream stuff going down with it, like "huh?"-type shit, but anyways ... i need to get up cause i got shit to do and i got the clock radio playing like i said and they come back from commercial and this old jay-z/pharrell/n.e.r.d./whatever song comes on, like "so and so likes to smoke la la la la" you know that shit, anyways, i have never been a real jay-z fan, i can say "yeah, yeah, he ripped that" or whatever but i have never been a fan, i just was never willing to give it up for him like so many people seem to do. he seemed over-rated and just plain smarmy all the damn time. but seeing as how i was trapped there waiting for my britney spears-induced hard on to go away so i could piss and that the speaker in the radio doesn't give u a whole lot more to pay attention to than lyrics .... i was forced to listen to jay ... damn, that mother fucker is good!!!! plus, i hear things in his style that i might have scoffed at in the past, but i totally do now, like weird rhyme-ings of the same word and shit like that. i was stoked.

huevos out


Anonymous said... the Big song, dreams of f*ing a r & b bitch..

Yeah you go the crazy dream recall, you know that's mega rare for a smoker too..that la la la remix shit is my joint.

greg said...

jon and then you woke up right?

so it was like a dream within a dream right?

i usually dream about aliens:

Grape Juice Scott said...

I don't care what you say.
I love me some Jay Z.
Unless its with Kanye.

I be like, Fuck Kanye.

But, real.
If I had a dream about Britney giving me a hand job. I think it would def make me feel awkward all day.

She looks alot like my sister.