Monday, January 26, 2009


i don't know how i JUST heard this song for the first time in richmond on my friend's radio television thing .... or WHY i didn't know about it (tho i can hear my friend Lockjaw being like "fool, i sent you that mp3 like 5 years ago you herb!!!!) ..... or why someone just uploaded the only version of this on youtube that i can find .... but .... y'all ma fuckaz need to hear this song.

i was getting dressed in the morning and i swear i almost fell over as this came on because i thot it was just the LL Cool J song .... say what??!?!? who the fuck is this female version of Schooly D (seriously, listen to this song, they rap exactly the same) ????? anyways, its Leshaun and the group is 2 Much. the song is super dirty and funny and that synth line is worth a mint. i think they got her on the LL version, tho, but i doubt that is her in the VIDEO ....

huevos out.


greg said...

j waves. schoolly d is my favorite rapper.

Webby said...

for some reason reminded me of Vicious Beat Possee, MC Deb B rocked it...sure wish I could find this old album as I begin to remember other tracks!
speakin of tracks, you got any new beats? I wanna drop that same track I did last time!...crev? Holla!