Wednesday, January 14, 2009

download the new FLIPTAPE for free!!!

so i got a mixtape out of some classic tracks and some semi-new ish ... the idea being that this is a mixtape presented to you as a fliptape. there are 15 tracks on this that are all songs you probably know and love (except for a few random crev joints), chopped up and re-arranged by me so that i can rap over the them or say something clever using someone else's words. (note: angel flip was produced by subtitle in a cold, grey region of france.)

i flip a gang of my favorite artists including prince (of course), radiohead, depeche mode, and wolf parade. i even flip kelly clarkson's since u been gone.

yeah, i like that song, fuck you.

so i play synth on a couple and the always electric jake dead spits a verse on f so pretty.

download that mafucka for FREE right here-------> FLIPTAPE

and speaking of free downloads, my whole label clique got all types of records you can cop on our site, and while you're there you can check out our ridiculous blog.

huevos out.

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greg said...

link won't work for me...

yer such a fucking tease dude.

I need some Huevos sunny side up soon.