Wednesday, January 28, 2009

*COUGH* //// too crev to print!!!!

holy shit kaff kaff when will it stop? if you ever read the homey gino's blog, you will know that life in saint-etienne and maybe just france/europe in general is hard on the LUNGS. recording and partying and performing in the crevvest of buildings and breathing spores left behind by the body snatchers will have vines growin in your chest cavity, not to mention the tobacco use of 7 sugar cane slicing cubans on top of dehydrating coffee with every meal and hash ciggies being chased by said tobacco usage ... its hard out there for a cilium. anyways, i thought my return to Tobacco Road would still be enough (proportionately) to provide some relief but i guess so far i have just not been able to ease up enough on the inhalants ... but a trip to the doc leads me to believe i might live as long as i take some antibiotics, i.e., "we protect you by killing you over time" so you know, maybe i can at least make it to the premiere of my first music video directed by hype williams' daughter on MTV 7 and then i can die in peace, with all the girls i've written songs about in white robes standing around me while a grey-bearded sadat x reads me the last rites just because i like his voice and i paid him a lot and his manager explained all that to him as he rides in the hover-taxi on the way over and asks "tell me why the fuck we are doing this again?"


the other night i went to this place:

i was the only white person in my crew and one of very few in the building ....

holy shit, i had the best fully nude time ever. i will never go to no stiff-ass, flat-booty-ass, no-contact-makin-ass, stupid-bouncer-lookin-at-me-for-touchin-a-thigh-ass, 7-dollar-house-rum-and-coke-ass strip club ever again. keep it crev, y'all, and check this place out when you got some money to burn and are looking to let off some steam, because these ladies will make sure that you leave with an empty coin purse.

i would go into great detail about my night at this establishment, but i think that it is best that i don't. however, i have never felt more like Gucci Mane in my life (i did not link Gucci up as i would have liked cause i can't find the funny old version of the "freaky gurl" video that he did in a strip club for what looks like a 1000 bucks) ..... really doe.

huevos out.


greg said...

dude let's rool up in that joint...

Anonymous said...

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