Sunday, September 7, 2008

THE GIVE UP: Old Spice ..... and where i been at?

give it up for Old Spice for modernizing their game with a pimp in mind. i know i am far from the first person to blog about this mackadocious scent, but yo, they really got some shit called Swagger! "mmmm, what's that smell?" "swagger, bitch, now get back on the corner!!!" and any stone cold pimp can cop it at Wally World. the game is to be smelled, and not told. (apologies to anyone harping on how predictable this writing is.)

and speaking of Old Spice, the question has been raised as to where exactly i am every weekend, i mean, you don't ever see me out on a friday or saturday night anymore. just wtf am i up to? well, i came across a video clip doing research for this post and it was terrifying in how closely it mimics a typical saturday night for me. the only differences being i have a much weaker chin, i smell like green Speed Stick, and the chicks at MY house have WAY shorter hair. otherwise, it's pretty much the same. big shouts to simon le bon.

1 comment:

greg said...

i thought a man like you would be wearing Axe...

it's good to see you rep'in the wife beater Ts and Old Spice.

Huevos is old school bitches!!!