Thursday, September 17, 2009

some travels

so i was in europe exactly this same time last year. bout to turn 30 out here which raises those "what in the fuck am i doing with my life?" type thots but also makes me feel like i am "doing it" whatever the fuck it is.

i think my album TREASURE BATH comes out on the 20th.

right now i am in an attic room thing in a tall house-thing in brussels and trying to get started on the blog game again in the hopes that i will keep this up but based on how motivated i am to do this (not much) we'll see how it goes. some really rad folks put us up. we play in the netherlands tomorrow and then back to brussels and then back to the netherlands. and then back to the beach with annette funicello or however the fuck you spell that, go mickey mouse club, eat skippy. what?

the show in paris last nite at glazart was fun, i met a girl who knew L in Japanese when he was out here, the homeys Comic Strip (not linking everything like i used to, if you care, you will find shit) opened up and killed it, uptempo beats with some electro vibe to it so i didn't feel weird about going next. blew the plug for my vocal effector during soundcheck so i had to do a straight up "i'm a rapper" set (since i don't have any of my disco lights, either) which was a welcome change from my usual antics. the shirt came off for the last song but more for ceremonial reasons (?) than anything else. subtitle came right through after me and provided crazy bass as per usual.

here are dudes in the "fake" outside since some of these plants are plastic and what not, this picture is called "nature locs" by me because clearly we are nature locs. we listen to tone loc and talk about bushes and leaflets and rocks.

i filmed videos and stuff of backstage nonsense but i did it on a better video setting and they are just too big to post on this durn things so maybe i try to do some smaller sized ones.

so we stayed in a nice hotel room that had, like, one towel but a full set of dishes and a dishwasher and nice looking furniture and a view of the eiffel tower that was obstructed by buildings and grey clouds so it kind of just looked like some diesel cell phone tower or some alien outpost thing thing. the balcony sloped down and the shower was a slippery death slide but it was a room and not a couch, tho, big shouts to the homey Sax for taking me in and letting me eat tomatoes and bread at his house for a day and a half. good luck with the ID thing.

last anecdote: we get on the train to brussels, some lady with way too many kids that all seem to be the same age, i.e., too young to be on this fuckin train, is spread with her brood across our seats and another and is tripping and wont move and some other lady pretty pleases us to just sit somewhere else, which ends up not being terrible, but principle is principle or whatever, i'm sayin, them tickets is not cheap at ALL so gimme my shit, fuck your kids. sorry to all the "too many kid mommies" out there, but dont sit in my seat, sit in the one YOU paid for. sorry, i'm sweaty and tired from my ball and chain. (see last paragraph)

so we get to the train station which happens to be of the same name as the metro station we are supposed to meet our ride at. our phones are not working for various crev circumstances we do not understand. after 30 minutes of not knowing what the fuck to do, i convince some nice flemmish ladies to let me make a local call on their cell phone, while a certain rapper i may or may not be on tour with is 10 feet behind me, smoking a J of some killer chronic with a pair of slick looking latino dudes who got beers and a lot of questions for the jovial fella they are blazing with. the flemmish lady meanwhile is not very good at french or english and is having a tough time communicating with caroline (our friend who is scooping us), and said flemmish lady's friend just seems very disappointed with me. we realize that we are supposed to go to the METRO station of the same name, directions i basically ignored when i saw the name of the train station. we figure it out and make it to the place.

i might add that i am SPENT from rolling this gigantic suitcase around that apparently has some safety razors, a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner, some jeans, and the 95 t shirts i brought. gino has a colossal duffel bag right now the size of a baby elephant and the 2 of us are straight bearing crosses across the land. one of my wheels is slowly breaking, as is my will.

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~AB said...

dude, you shoulda borrowed my pack. you'd be surprised at the amount of stuff you can get in it. i lived out of it for 7 months. next time...

or, you know, better yet--just get one. mine mysteriously smells like vomit.