Sunday, September 27, 2009

bully catches a bad one

this blog has become more something i do when i don't have anything else to do, so it may seem that i am having loads of fun doing all kinds of neat things everyone else wishes they were doing. i am not saying that is not true, but i AM saying that "being lazy" qualifies as something to do, therefore, whatever that means, henceforth, i only blog when there is NOTHING else to do. i have even been reading lately. not archie comics, i guess, is what i mean by "reading".

yesterday i finally got a workout in, a "save the guns" program started by myself, where i am the only sponsor and participant in the sack race during the "fun day fundraiser" that i threw up here in the attic in brussels where i am currently staying. i did 3 sets of pushups and then 3 sets of chair dips and 3 more sets of push ups and then 3 more sets of chair dips. then i did some sets of lifting/extending type things with a small crate of records. then i did some more push ups. i didn't do any ab stuff because my homey in the room below, pablo, was chillin and i didn't want him to think i was masturbating furiously from the creaking floorboards as i did sit ups, though he might have already been thinking that after hearing the grunting and pacing about that occurs during both my workout AND masturbatory routines. the whole time i was exercising i was watching "a bully gets his ass kicked" type footage on youtube after gino showed me this clip, which is pretty gawl damn amazing. this is the short version, basically the shirtless kid talks SO MUCH shit, while sleeveless kid says that he doesn't want to fight. this beatdown is seriously incredible, dude picked the wrong kid to fuck with. watch!!!!

i went and hung with a hip hop group from belgium, probably the best one in this area, called L.E.G. (we played with them the other night) and smoked like 3 dubs with the producer homey who doesn't speak english and had a rousing chat with the MC about music and hip hop and rap and hopefully convinced him that he should def do a rap over the beat we christened "the miami song" and maybe even to let me sing my painful-to-the-ear R & B hook over it. well, maybe not that part, but yo, you should def fuck with that song you guys!! hopefully i will get to record a verse on the one they had picked out for me, which was fuckin killer, their main producer is a monster, and the MC is really, really wicked.

i rode through the streets on the back of my homeboy's scooter which was super fun and terrifying at the same time. he shouted back to ask me if i felt safe, and i said i did, and that was right before we came to an intersection that seemed to have 9 things converging at once, like, a motorcycle, a car, a bus, an old lady with shopping bags, a horse, a trolley, a tram, an above-ground metro car, all current members of Los Lobos, a fruit stand, a milk truck, and a military tank. somehow he guided us through it all without dumping me off. fortunately, i was kind of drunk on the way back so i could block out all that stuff.

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