Thursday, September 24, 2009

part 2: more travels

trying to think of all that has happened worth mentioning, i got pics and videos and stuff, let's see what we can do here .... in no particular order ....

- drank absinthe with gino on my 30th birthday in brussels. we decided there wasn't any wormwood in it so we would not get all crazy, etc. had a couple glasses, went home, hit a spliff a few times, and then went to bed since i had been pretty sick with a nasty cold. i swear i had the most fucked up in-and-out-of-sleep waking nightmares/visions for a while, to the point of me being like "there had to be SOMETHING in dat shiiiii" and in the morning i looked up the brand and they def had wormwood up in that bitch. gino didn't seem to trip off it, but i am half his size and sick and weak and probably drunker so, ya know, whatever. one dream was trying to pour water in this baby's mouth and i just couldn't do it. side note: the baby belonged to my homegirl missy thangs. she don't got no baby in real life, tho. aw man, weird omen? i swear i am not the father. (haha, just fucking with you, kiddo, you not even reading this.)

- show in The Hague was cool, this couple could not stop making out and i fucked with them a bunch, danced on them and got all up in their shit ... their passion could not be quelled. here is a vid of me blowing a loud ass horn right in their fuckin heads and not getting a reaction at all:

i need to stress how loud that horn was, you can see a guy in the crowd look screw-faced from it as i creep away, i guarantee you could hear that shit across the whole venue even with music blasting.

we played with the homeys schlachtofbronx from Munich and they were the shit and they got an EP out now with my homey spoek mathambo and you can download a rad mix of that shizz for free:

belly full of pills mix

- one weird thing is that in Tilburg, both gino and i ran into friends from back home, both randomly. we were at the train station looking for our driver and gino looked on this one platform and came upon a girl he knew from LA, apparently a good old friend. she came and kicked it with us for a bit.

then, outside the after party for the festival, we are getting ready to leave at one point (we end up coming back for too damn long), i hear this girl yell "jose huevos!!" which i am not triping on (the "jose" part) because who the fuck really knows me out here, but the way they yell it sounds too american ... turns out it is this girl i know from carrboro, north carolina! we aren't super tight or anything but we have danced together at several parties and always got along. it was too crazy for us to both run into people like that in a town that i can't say that i have ever really heard of before. she had a friend with her from greensboro who knew a lot of people that are friends of mine, it was cool to be plastered in a bar so far from home, with this guy 10 feet away, talking about all types of NC shit.

okay, peace for now, kids.

huevos out.

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bennett said...

that dude's gonna wake up with that girl in the morning and she's gonna be whispering all these sweet nothings in his hear but he ain't gonna hear it cause he's fuckin DEAF!