Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Prince is tonight, y'all. i am so excited. i am going with mark little aka MGL and we been homeys and Prince fanatics since we met in '89.

i wrote a blog for The Vinyl District and made them a free downloadable mix that you can get from their site or right here ---> Huevos Favorites


The Snob said...

greatest thing ever is playing Darling Nikki for the first time to someone not so familiar with Mr. Nelson... always traumatizing.

also, hey not to bust your bubs; but just an FYI, he doesn't play the raunchy stuff anymore. He's really into the whole Jehovah witness thing and keeps it clean. Last time I saw him the most risque he got was Kiss... :/

still the funkiest shit ever, though. dance your ass off, baby!

juan huevos said...

haha not to bust YOUR bubs but i am totally up on Prince and his conversion to the Church of Larry Graham. he is definitely a square now, but it seems to keep him young. an absolute shame, though.