Thursday, March 10, 2011


i am so sick of that deadmau5 dude and his dumb ass helmet and how linking up his website here made firefox crash. i only thought of him just now because of what happened and i wanted some kind of intro beyond "on my way out of whole foods today, i saw something weird." k, here we go.

on my way out of whole foods today, i saw something weird. well, not so much weird, though it became weird. it looked like there was a piece of leather hanging down from the hubcap on my back wheel. (the photo above is from later. when i saw it, it was facing down.) i debated just letting it ride but i wanted to make sure it wasn't, like, a piece of tire or some shit. ya know, "safety first" is like my middle names, duh. so i see that it is indeed a fuzzy lil piece of leather so i grab it and pull it and i strip off its outer layer, to reveal a shiny, pinkish red strip, at which point i actually think that maybe its some kind of plant, and that is, like, the stem or something, i'm just really confused. then i see the whiskers sticking out and i am all "omg, i just ripped skin off of some dead rodent and this is really gross, i am going to get the bubonic plague on my paper coffee cup and spread it to the world." i wipe my hands on a snotty tissue from my car and throw it on the ground, sorry litter-haters but i ain't puttin that shit BACK in my car to touch later, no weezy.

basically, a mouse got smashed all up in my hubcap, and i really have no idea how it could have happened. but his lil stripped bit of tail was still hanging out when i got home and you could totally see homeboy all smashed up in between the hubcap and the wheel.

i really like the lighting in that last photo. my hypothesis: mouse climbs up in between wheel and hubcap where there is room to chill. mouse kicks back like "aw yeah, this my new mouse crib, i'm just gonna post up here and nibble on this pizza crust." and then i get in the car and take off, and the centrifugal force of the spinning smashes homey to the outer edge. too many G forces for the dude. squish.


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