Tuesday, March 9, 2010


last nite just kinda happened and today definitely happened. painfully. but i'm pretty sure its super awesome to have me rappin lil whyte in your ear very haphazardly while you drive my car. so my night was a success. then i ate 13 pounds of shell noodles with cream sauce.

my friend told me about this video and it is truly as nuts as he made it out to be. cripsin glover has cool hair but he's got a dumb wig on here.

and dammit, just look at this song title. i found this looking for the lil whyte video i linked ... how could i not share this? Three 6 is the best!!! unfortunately, at 2:42, project pat resorts a rhyme (of sorts) that could only have been pulled off by Too $hort or Gucci "i rhymed orange with insurance" Mane.

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