Tuesday, August 23, 2011

get under the table

mmmkay. so, like, today there was an earthquake. it was totally small n all, but it was HERE. felt. in NC. where we don't have earthquake drills. we have hurricane drills. and we probably got a hurricane coming this weekend. so this shit is just wild to me.

i am borrowing a casio sk-1 from my dear friend, matt park. i decided to break it in today and as the song took shape, i started rapping about the earthquake. so here it is. the earthquake (hurricane) song.

download it for free or stream it: CLICK ME

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Tony Van Helsing said...

You think that one was small, we had one over here a year ago that lasted for about 2 seconds. Someone put up a post on Facebook for the poor victms of the quake with a picture of a lawn chair lying on it's side, which was pretty much the extent of the chaos.