Thursday, September 9, 2010

set list for the murdering (of feelings)

so what you guys might not know is that i totally shred on acoustic guitar. for this day party on friday i'm gonna be sittin on a stool and have a lil mic on a bendy thing in front of my guitar and i'm gonna have a beard and a gucci bandana and a cup of water by my side and i'm gonna make you laugh and cry and be like "aw man, i really identify with that!" and then you are going to buy all my merch and wear my pin and blog about how real i am. and then i am going to tour australia. here are the songs i will be playing:

Toothache Face
Underneath The Underlings
Vagina Sand
Kiss From A Rose (Seal cover)
Shack Of Shacks
Dry Sockets, Fat Pockets
Bizarre Love Triangle (Frente! cover)
Lord Of The Things
I Will Never Do Anything To Hurt You (Keith Sweat cover)

don't be a slouch, make it out.

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