Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jerk Out

this is really ill beyond words for me, as a massive Prince/The Time fan, and all that is affiliated and associated with said artists. during Prince's Harem Week on the Grip Tapes facebook page, i looked up Mazarati cause i actually thought it was a girl group, not the project of the flamboyant jheri-curled superstar that i discovered. he and his band truly truly truly (outrageous) deserve their own blog but i just have to break down this one song.

in 1990, The Time put out a record called Pandemonium and had a hit single with Jerk Out. this video is incredible ---> Jerk Out (these guys made it rain in the club way before any rapper. great cameos, great cars, the dancing, a trip to the ATM ... these dudes were on it in this.)

blah blah blah anyways, i came across this Mazarati version of it that is def from the early 80's, has Prince all over it vocally, and pretty much (yet again) confirms that Prince does a ton of ghost-writing for his affiliated bands and definitely wrote Jerk Out. more on Mazarati? --> wiki wiki wiki

what really gets me, besides just the existence of this at all, is the rougher lyrics. Prince was definitely more raw back in the day, and full of angst on the issues of race, sex, gender, etc.

The Time:

"i took her to my crib and i laid her down /
her body felt kinda right /
maybe I was wrong, but what the hell? /
i figured that was what she liked."


"i took her to my crib and i tied her up /
i think that's what she liked. /
maybe i was wrong, what the hell? /
it didn't matter to me, she was white."

check it out:

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