Wednesday, February 10, 2010

movie nite/day

so in the last 24 hours (or amount of time close enough to that to just go ahead and say it) i watched 6 movies. i also ate 3 different kinds of take out. that averages to 2 movies per take out. not including the pile of breakfast i ate.

basically a zombie movie starring vampires as zombies. get these guys some fucking napkins.

oh no, i fell asleep! includes the Best Scene Ever Featuring a Semi-Attractive Blond Woman Using a Samurai Sword To Decapitate a Sewer Monster. look, it has this guy in it:

you don't know his name, but you recognize him, right? pretty sure this is the only movie he has ever been the leading man in. well, he probably played a creep in some Lifetime movie with Victoria Pricipal:

winner of the Best Ice T Cameo In a Non Hip Hop-Themed Movie featuring Ice T as "Hamilton" the weapons expert who survies only 5 minutes of the movie but dies upside down, hanging from the ceiling and spinning while simultaneously firing 2 machine guns. fortunately, David Arquette is murdered early on in the movie. unfortunately, we don't get to see it.

winner of Best Use Of The Word Fuck for such amazing Dennis Hopper lines as: "Let's fuck! I'll fuck anything that moves!!" and "Here's to your fuck!" and "Fuck you, you fucking fuck!" i like this particular poster because there is no scene anywhere in the movie that resembles this picture.

starring Denzel Washington as Denzel Washington.

nominated for the Irony Award for the on-screen couple of Tichina "Pam" Arnold and Martin "Martin" Lawrence who were bitter enemies on the "Martin" television show and had to play husband and wife in this breathtaking film. what i would really like to know, tho, is if Tisha "Gina" Campbell and Martin ever patched things up?

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