Tuesday, December 15, 2009

red buick

old people driving cars is the worst but since one day i will be an old driver maybe i should be nice but hopefully by then we will have self-driving hovercrafts so i wont even have to worry about that shit.

anyways, i don't understand why these old mother fuckers in front of me were rolling the way they were .... driving SO SLOW (8 cars in a row back up behind them) and not turning on red at an empty intersection ... but not wearing seat belts and not using turn signals. kinda fucks up the theory of them driving slow to be safe. of course, they may have just forgot about the turn signals (cause usually when they turn them on they forget to turn them off) and maybe their sensitive rib cages and collar bones cant take the pressure of the shoulder belt.

here is a show you can go to if you live in chapel hill, NC:

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