Monday, June 22, 2009

the BFFs go to Greensboro

so yesterday i did the radio show with George Brazil i attempted to promote all over the internet. it had its rough spots but was pretty hype considering the set up and the fact that we had only one glorified practice beforehand that was peppered with chronic, champagne, random missions, and 5 hours of driving on my part. it was a good experiment for us debuting it like that on the radio.

there were some interesting moments for me that nite .....

i arrived still hashed-out feeling, looking for the mexican spot i'm meeting GB at. i come around a corner and hear an abbreviation of my gov't name being uttered ... i turn and see the homey L in Japanese, an OG of the chapel hill hip-hop scene.

he now lives in GSO. we palaver for a moment. he keeps staring at the many-shades-of-pink colored fabric creeping out of my shoes. i begin to question my latest obsession of wearing socks meant for little girls. they are just so comfortable in the summer, like they dont even exist, and they come in all these crazy colors and i get them for a dollar a pair at Roses and i had just bought those that day. the combination of that and my short shorts and backpack and water bottle with finger loop have me lookin like i don't know what, but i roll with it.

i get to the joint and i end up getting a miller lite in a small jar for $2.25 and then on the way out i see the special of a pint of shiner bock for $1.50. i got money in my wallet, but it annoys me for about 3 seconds until i realize that i prob would have got the miller lite anyway cause im just a freak like that.

i want to blaze but i got no piece. GB has some red bull colas, tho. aiight then. since i always have a knife on me, the alterations will be easy. and the contraption will be disposable.

i need to find a place outside the building to handle this but i am right in the middle of downtown GSO. i am feeling kinda edgy from my red bull. i leave the building bound for some empty courtyard i saw out the window and immediately hone in on the crev spot. i creep behind some electrical boxes or whatever, and based on the all the cig butts and candy wrappers i am not the first person to hang back here. it's totally the type of place i would piss, i am seriously one of the best public urinators that i know. anyways, i expect to see someone smoking crack and/or drinking listerine back there, but no one pops up and asks me for a favor.

i do what i needed to do and stomp the can.

GB djs for a bit and is on point. we do the show. hilarity ensues, at least for us. afterwards, the program director comes in and sees me standing there with my shirt off, sweating. i needed to get into character, i guess. he has seen me play before so it is not as awkward as it could have been.

we actually get 2 calls from california, different dudes, both who tuned in and dug it. i speak to one for a minute. he seems inspired, which is turn inspiring for me. reachin em. briefcase represent.

i want to catch one again before i drive home. i rinse out GB's red bull can and get ready for round 2. this time i am posted in my car parked on the street. its dark outside now. i lean back in my seat, clocking for cars HARD. i feel secure and get one and then go for another and swear that i am in the middle of some crev business as a cop drives by me hella slow. i do that thing where you hold it in and hold still as fuck and wait for them to drive past and then i exhaled. they keep going mad slow and after a sec, appear to be turning around. i crush the can in my hand, toss it out the window, and haul ass into some neighborhood i know nothing about. i am wigged out and pull over at one point to toss my backpack with illicit horseradish jar in the trunk. a series of turns and a phone call with GB later, i am back on the road.

i recently broke my ipod connector-tape-thingy by getting out the car with my ipod in my lap and breaking off the thing that you plug into the ipod. what do you call that anyway? do i know and just can't remember? so i been listening to straight up tapes lately (guns n roses and voivod). i start rewinding my Use Your Illusion 2 tape and about halfway through, my stereo loses its cool and spits the tape out. what has apparently happened is that the tape deck part has gone nuts and froze up and the radio cannot be turned off. fortunately, i have figured out how to turn the stereo down again. for a while no matter what direction you turned it, it just got louder and louder. but now, if i crank it really hard to the side, i can get it to turn down. after 20 minutes of loud radio rap, i decide i have had enough and turn it down completely.

huevos out.

PS George Brazil DJs on WUAG 103.1 in Greensboro, NC every other sunday nite from 7 - 10. they support me and you should support them.

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